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Argentina Polo Association
Providing relevant information on national and international Championships, Opens and main Cups. Game rules and other interesting information for polo enthusiasts.

United States Polo Association (USPA)
News, events and resources for polo enthusiasts.

Argentina Polo Players Association
Offering services, players information and events.

Argentina Polo Pony Breeders Association - Raza Polo Argentina
Iinformation and assistance to members for improving selection and breeding of polo horses.

International Polo Federation

Magual Polo Club
Providing information and services on Magual Polo Club. A place that combines sport and nature. Where his owners, Marcos and Lucas Di Paola, invite you to practice polo at its highest level; tournaments with professional players; personal polo lessons for beginners of all ages and other services.

Polo Tucan
All polo news, notes, forums and polo players information.

Polo Center
Relevant information on equine polo equipment, gear, tack and saddleries worldwide.

Polo Tips
Justo del Carril, a 6 goals polo player, provides useful information on polo clinics and many tips to improve your game, also horse sales and more.

Polo Players Edition
Sports magazine with profiles of polo's personalities, professional advice on everything from horse care to polo playing techniques and strategy, and coverage of polo tournaments.

New Zealand Polo Association Homepage
Providing relevant information and resources for polo players and enthusiasts.

Polo Scotland. Scottish Polo at the Dundee and Perth Polo Club
The premier club for Polo in Scotland with interesting resources for polo.

Magazine about horse care and equestrian information.

Polo Support
The Polo Players Support Group, Inc. (PPSG). Providing financial assistance to seriously injured or ill polo players and grooms.

La guía del polo
Information and resources for polo practice.

Ameritina Polo FarmVirtual Polo Magazine

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