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We offer a complete selection of polo equipment, developed under rigorous quality standards that satisfy the strict exigencies of high handicapped polo players, like Marcos Di Paola.
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Polo equipment - player

Polo helmets
Reinforced fiber glass polo helmets, fabric or leather pad, optional colors.

Polo boots
Reinforced polo boots. First quality leather and details.

Polo kneepads
Effective and very comfortable leather kneepads.

Polo goggles
High impact security polo goggles, optional colors.

Polo mallets
Polo mallets made with selected canes from Malaysia and Singapure. Cigars in different colors.

Polo whips
Nylon polo whips with leather grip.


Polo equipment - horse

Polo saddles
Polo saddles made of selected leathers, Different leathers and colors. Reinforced saddletree with four year guaranty.

Polo bridles
Leather bridles, nosebands, caveson, gag polo bridles, pelham polo bridles. Different colors and kits.

Polo Bits / Gags
Stainless steel Pelham bits and gags.

Stirrups of australian type with stainless steel shagreen

Stirrup leathers
Leather / buffalo stirrups reinforced with nylon and stainless steel clasps.

Polo girths
Leather, fabric or woollen girths and overgirths.

Long boot, short boot, tendon boot and bell boot protectors.


Polo accessories

Polo bags
Polo mallet bags, polo saddle bags, polo boot bags, polo bridle bags, Different fabrics, colors and leather reinforcements.

Polo halters
Double nylon halters with stainless steel clasps

Other polo accessories
Plastic polo balls, wooden polo balls, polo saddle pads, horse blankets, aprons, bandages, muzzles, soaps, brushes, rubbers for pelhams, oils and more.

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